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Pay in 4 times with Paypal free of charge.
The 4x payment for any purchase between 50 and 2000 € (in our case, from a pair of shoes) is a flexible means of financing from Paypal.
Your request is verified in seconds and you get purchase protection if the purchases do not match the description.

How does it work ?

Simply choose to pay with PayPal when shopping online, log into your PayPal account, and you'll see a 4X Payment option, if you're eligible and if that purchase qualifies. If so, request 4X Payment in just a few steps, get an instant response, and complete your purchase.

Are there any fees associated with paying in 4X?

No, there is no charge associated with providing a 4X Payment.

Where can I see the amount of my payment?

Log in to your PayPal account, go to 4X Payments, then click on the 4X Payment you want to view. You can see the amounts of your previous payment in the Activity of your 4X payment. You can also view the amounts for the next installments by clicking on Show upcoming payment.
The amount you still have to repay is shown under "Remaining".


Chez Fiore de Luca,
vous avez jusqu'à 15 jours pour renvoyer  les chaussures si elles ne vous conviennent pas et vous serez remboursées sous 48h. 

Bon shopping !

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