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Complete guide

Find shoes that don't hurt your feet


The guide who will give you tips for finding shoes that do not hurt your feet and who will teach you which shoes to choose and how to wear them.

No doubt you have at least one pair if not several pairs of pumps that collect dust in your cupboards because you never put them on. Not the right size, heels too high, not comfortable enough, you lose them when you walk, they make you blisters .. and the list is endless.


Here are the essential criteria to consider during your purchase and you will see that for the first time you will be completely satisfied and well in your shoes.




Above all, avoid falling for a pair that you have spotted online or on Instagram, not excessively expensive and with free delivery.

It is better to think about your purchase , put the money you need to be fully satisfied. Quality is never sold or cheap. If you like a pair do not hesitate to seek google reviews on this brand. Social reputation is very precious.




Consider the country of manufacture and touch the leather if you are in store.

Italy, Spain, Portugal and Brazil are renowned for their expertise. Italy in particular for luxury shoes.

Buying a pair of pumps is not the same as buying a dress, even if in a dress you have to feel comfortable, our feet maintain the full weight of our body.




You know the size of your shoe, but measuring your feet and cross-referencing with the brand's size chart may pay off. Online stores often leave notes on a style's size fit - use them as a guide. We also know that the more the shoes have been made according to a certain skill, the more they will respect your real foot measurements.

At Fiore de Luca if for example your foot measures between 24.3 and 24.9 you are a good 38.

Le confort vient du cuir utilisé, mais aussi de la morphologie du talon et de la fabrication du soulier. 

Des chaussures à talons à bout pointus seront toujours moins endurantes que des chaussures à bout ronds, tandis que les plus sensibles veilleront à choisir des modèles en daim ou en cuir souple pour éviter toute sensation désagréable de frottements.






When to wear pumps?


Why should any girl have a pair of pumps?

Because heels are a must in a feminine wardrobe and therefore appearances have been the accessories to assert its femininity and emphasize its silhouette.

The fact that the pumps were worn by Jackie Kennedy, they were considered an object of prestige by asserting a high social position.


The pump made its first appearance in France in 1947 during a Christian Dior fashion show.


Their advantages?

The pumps enhance the silhouette , make pretty legs and bring a feminine touch. So they are  worn daily with small heels and in casual look to gain femininity or with high heels and in more sophisticated fashion look during an event.


More chic than heels, we don't

femme en escarpins confortable et élégante.jpg






How cool French girls wear pumps?

Fashion icons like Jeanne Damas, Sabina Socol or even Anne-Laure Mais adopt them in their Parisian dressing room. With small or medium heels , they wear them summer and fall in casual fashion with well-cut jeans and a little top. It's charm guaranteed without overdoing it. Flawless Parisian style.


As you can see, the small square heel pump is a must-have. We also designed one for you, the DOLCE50 model in black suede.

Parisian style: square heel and basic outfit






How to wear red pumps?

With their eccentric touch, the red pumps can make a very chic outfit. Far from what you might think it is difficult to wear, red shoes are easily worn with light, raw jeans, white pants, cream. You can also wear a red bag or a small silk scarf around your neck.

With raw jeans and a white t-shirt






Daring high heels

They are our most beautiful allies to immediately gain insurance and enhance our figure. No doubt we are not going unnoticed. But in order not to suffer too much, it is better not to exceed the 9 cm in height. Whether it's a more stable heel or very thin, having a pair is a must.

The high heels pumps give an irresistible allure.






Pointed toe pumps, babies or slingbacks?

Everyone has their charm. Babies or round toe pumps with a strap around the ankle adapt well to a slightly wider foot. They have a slightly childish and retro side that pleases them well. On the other hand, pointy toe pumps are more femme fatale and tighten a little. The slingbacks with their opening behind are the ideal compromise because they go well in summer than in autumn when the weather is still good.

Everyone has their own charm, which one is right for you?






How to choose your shoes?

If you prefer the classic, with a small or high heel to match them with basic outfits such as mom jeans or straight cut pants.


If you like to have a touch

original with your shoes and receive compliments for what you wear.


If the comfort of your feet

is all you prefer.

Camel or brown color fits well

with any kind of outfit.

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