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How to choose comfortable heels for the day?

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A heels guide to learn the language of shoes and recognize the types of heels that exist to better know which are easier to wear.

A little history on the heels

Strong accessories in the history of fashion, heels have been around for centuries and although they were originally worn by men, today they are elements worn to enhance the female body.

It is historically told that in 1533 when Catherine de Medici married Henry II of France, she wore heels custom made by shoemakers in Florence (Italy) bringing this fashion to the Court of France, so men began to wear heels like women.

For King Louis XIV, it was shoemaker Nicholas Lestage who made heels for him around the 1660s. During his reign, all high-ranking men and women should wear heels to please the King.







What type of heels exist ?

There is a multitude of heels but, among the main types you will find square heels, box, cuban, wedges, stiletto or thin heels, kitten-heels.


Square heels

For a perfect balance with a touch of femininity , square heels are the best compromise.

Quite simply, because they are stable and practical, they balance the big calves and they slim the ankles.

For those who are new to heels, block heels will be the perfect choice, as they will give you a determined , stable yet feminine gait .

In addition, if you wear them all day it remains a very comfortable height to wear.

chaussures a talons, cuir et chaussures italiennes marque Fiore de Luca


chaussures a talons, cuir et chaussures italiennes marque Fiore de Luca


chaussures a talons, cuir et chaussures italiennes marque Fiore de Luca

Square heels are available in other categories such as box heels or Cuban heels.

They are found especially on boots and are very stable.

What we love is this harmonious curve.

Block heels were all the rage in the 90s, left out for a while, they are back in fashion.

Square heels fall into the category of the most comfortable and practical heels just like wedge heels.

They are not only comfortable but also good for our back and the arch of our feet.

chaussures a talons, cuir et chaussures italiennes marque Fiore de Luca


bottines_a talons, chaussures a talons, cuir et chaussures italiennes marque Fiore de Luca


Wedge heels


The wedge heel is the one that forms a single block with the sole which gives it all its stability.

The weight of the body rests on the entire arch of the foot.

The sole is the same width everywhere, which makes them super stable.

These are the most stable heels of all heels.

We love them because they combine comfort and elegance. They are great for round legs, as they slim the calf and ankle. Comfortable and sophisticated, this shoe is perfect for active women. Summer in sandals or pumps with wedge heels or winter in ankle boots.







Stiletto heels or thin heels

The stiletto heel is the thinnest of all heels. It is the most glamorous heel , because it makes shapely legs and a very thin ankle. This lengthens the silhouette and highlights the female body. It is undoubtedly the accessory par excellence to have a sexy attitude and that side of femme fatale.

The heels with a height of 7 cm give style and accentuate femininity.

They lengthen the legs and slim the ankles, they are the sexiest in the heels category.

From 10 cm, stiletto heels are called STILETTOS.

Be careful not to put them on if you are not comfortable wearing high heels. Your walk can quickly become ridiculous.

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High heels change a woman's posture, shifting her center of gravity forward.

Then the kidneys arch, the breasts become prominent, the gait becomes straighter, less stable and more imperious.

The woman is placed on a pedestal.

Kitten heels

Despite their fairly low height, kitten heels are nevertheless classified as a stiletto heel by their finesse. From 4 to 6 cm they are comfortable and practical . They embellish the foot and they have many advantages such as lengthening the small ones, refining the legs of the taller ones ...

This height is the best compromise for wearing stiletto heels.

They appeared in the 1950s popularized by Audrey Hepburn.

It is found on pumps, sandals, boots.

They combine elegance and vintage and this   little retro side is very popular at the moment.

chaussures a talons, cuir et chaussures italiennes marque Fiore de Luca






Which heel height to choose?

It will all depend on your experience in heels , the occasion and how often you will be wearing them.

  • Between 4 and 6 cm is to properly support the foot, adjust the arch of the back and perfect for women who are not used to wearing heels or those who are just starting out. But little heels are not at all old-fashioned. They are very pretty to wear on pumps with a back opening, such as slingbacks.

This height is the best from a medical point of view.

  • Between 6 and 8 cm is a good compromise between height and comfort. Heels of this height slender your figure, they are “practicable” all day long.

For the office, choose a height between 6 and 8 cm with a stable heel.

They are great if you are tall and thin. They give a crazy curve.

Heels with a height of 7 cm highlight your femininity and they are the sexiest in the heels category.

  • More than 8 cm

From 8.5 cm, the heel is considered high. To wear this height, you have to master walking on your heels and above all have an accustomed arch. They are very sexy and a sense of doubt will make you look different. But you have to know how to wear them and associate them with pieces that remain elegant.

Choose stable high heels with wider shapes.

chaussures a talons, différentes hauteurs de talon

Pay attention to the material of your heels

To wear your heels without suffering, choose and invest in a quality pair and above all in quality leather.

Synthetics make the feet sweat and the humidity created is the primary source of friction that causes burns and blisters. Also know that the more shoes are made according to the rule of art and craftsmanship, the more the arch will respect your arch and it will not make you suffer.

pied avec chaussures a talons, chaussures en cuir, chaussures femme


How to wear small heels in a stylish way

The small heels make it possible to be very elegant with a few well cut and basic pieces such as a blazer or straight pants.







Wearing high heels with pants

When the heel height is high enough, it is prettier to wear them with jeans or straight pants. Although with a pencil skirt it will also be nice, it shouldn't be too short. High heels lengthen the silhouette and it immediately gives a remarkable look. You don't have to be a business woman or a femme fatale. Invest in a nice pair of 8 or 9 cm.



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femme en chaussures a talon , talons hauts aiguilles,


How to wear slingbacks

Loved by all fashionistas, these kitten heel pumps with opening behind the heel are called by our English friends slingback. They immediately give a crazy charm to any kind of outfit and can be worn with almost anything.

Without doubt an essential!

femme élégante avec chaussures à talons, chaussures à petit talons, style, blazer, petit sac




comment porter les chaussures a talon, femme en talons, chaussures talons,


How cool girls wear heeled ankle boots

Nothing is prettier in winter than a pair of mid-high heel ankle boots. With your coats you will undoubtedly be remarkable. Less is more is played with timeless basic pieces.

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Jeanne Damas en chaussures à talon, style classique, parisienne en chaussures talons


Heels at Fiore de Luca

Know-how and comfort are the hallmarks of the brand. Since Fiore de Luca wanted to combine style and comfort in order to make all heel lovers go miles. Thick or thin heels are stable enough to be worn with ease all day. It really makes you feel comfortable in your heels.

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