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Walk like on clouds

Italian shoes made entirely of leather in Paris.

Paris, 2018

Fiore de Luca is the online shoe brand launched in April 2018 by Béatrice Bodasca, a dreamy and detail-oriented young woman who wanted to stroll everywhere in heels. These are the first comfortable heels thanks to the know-how of Italian craftsmen and the noble leathers used. It is also the Made in Italy accessible thanks to the short production circuit:

workshop - designer - you.

The idea arose from the fact that she could no longer bear high heels because of a pathology developed in the foot by doing excessive sports and often putting on heels.

So she set herself the challenge of combining aesthetics with comfort.

fondatrice Fiore de Luca

When creation mixes

the need to be comfortable in your shoes

I wanted to create shoes in which women feel good as soon as they put them on, which let them enjoy their evenings with girlfriends or with their loved ones for a long time.

Shoes that remind them of a trip, a great meeting or a long-awaited occasion.

Accessories that you never want to part with, that you recommend to your best friend or you buy together for your mom.

FIORE DE LUCA is the union of my middle name and the family name of my maternal grandmother, who died when I started my professional career in an Italian luxury shoe company, Rue de Grenelle.

It's a tribute to her for keeping her close to me.

Paris , 2014

When my rheumatologist told me to stop wearing heels and stop running when I was only 25, I realized the importance of putting on quality shoes. I never accepted the idea to stop living my life because i have the Morton neuroma.


Neuilly sur Seine, 2016

I came home from a day's work and I had only one desire: to take off my shoes. No, I hadn't listened to my doctor's advice. In my head "Oh if I could put on heels without suffering!"

The idea was born at the time.

Italy, 2017

After spending Christmas with my family in Turin, I decided to go down to Florence to meet shoe artisans, known for their expertise.

It was in this family workshop in the heart of Tuscany, where the smell of leather, pieces of leather on the floor and tools made my trip meaningful.


The manufacturing secrets of our Italian artisans

The craftsmen with whom Béatrice works are experts in making shoes and have been lending their hands since the 1970s. They work as a family and they pass on this know-how from father to son over the years.

They put all their passion into what they do because it's what they love.

Each shoe is made for most operations in the hands of these passionate people .

Heels made according to the rule of the art that respect each arch of the foot and provide comfort that you never want to leave.

Cuts that hug your feet as soon as you put them on.

Chaussures italiennes en ligne

The creation is born in the heart of Paris, where the designer makes her sketches and chooses the leathers to use.

The selected leathers are of first choice, of exclusively Italian origin, whose leather grain is regular, without imperfections and its flexibility gives a certain sensuality to the touch.

The Workshop

Today, she works directly with a family of Italian artisans, who since the 1970s have lent their hands to make treasured shoes.

The shoes are made by hand by most of the operations. They pay meticulous attention to the smallest details in order to achieve quality products.

More than half a century of know-how

All stages of the manufacturing process: from assembly to finishing are very neat in order to create a quality shoe, flexible and comfortable to wear.

Our wish is to provide you with the best quality and experience possible in each pair that we design thanks to ancestral techniques and a real passion for shoes.

Our ethical commitments

Even before the brand was born, the founder, a girl who respects the planet on a daily basis, has long wondered how to reduce the impact of production and how fashion can be sustainable and responsible.


For this reason, the Fiore de Luca production is completely transparent, close and in working conditions that respect the environment. We also manufacture in small series to avoid ending up with forgotten shoes and to focus more on on-demand production.


We favor beautiful materials that make our shoes last a long time.

We are looking for an elegant, timeless style that can be adopted easily and that can become a basic .


impact social Fiore de Luca

Notre impact social

Since January 2020, Fiore de Luca has made a commitment to SOLES4SOULS, a non-profit association *, to donate a percentage of its sales which will contribute to the purchase of pairs of shoes for children in need.

Because without them, they are vulnerable to illness and are often unable to go to school or look for work. Shoes can help them escape poverty.


* SOLES4SOULS collects new and used shoes and redistributes them thanks to partnerships with small companies, like ours.

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