Complete guide

How to choose your women's heeled sandals?

The guide who will give you tips for finding shoes that do not hurt your feet and who will teach you which shoes to choose and how to wear them.

The 3 essential criteria to take into consideration when buying heeled sandals in order to keep them as long as possible and which will immediately adapt to your feet.



With the heat of summer, it is better to choose leather sandals to avoid sweating and having blisters.

So pay attention to the country of manufacture , made in Italy is the most suitable (we explain why here) and the material of your sandals.   


Prefer sandals entirely in leather, the upper than the insole.

Go for a beautiful smooth leather or suede.



The heel height is very important in your choice. Avoid choosing a height that you usually don't, or very rarely, unless you need a pair of high-heeled sandals for a special occasion.

The 5 cm heel is very suitable for sensitive feet. The 7cm heel stays comfortable all day long and the 9cm heel is reserved for those who are used to it.

Take into consideration that the thicker the heel, the easier it is to wear them. It is also true that a thin heel is more dressy and elegant.


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Before buying a model, consider whether it is to wear them daily or from time to time in the evening.

If you are looking for sandals to wear all day, in the city, at the office and why not for an aperitif, opt for a timeless model, in good leather and with a practical 7/8 cm heel.

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A little history of sandals

Sandals were invented by the Egyptians to protect themselves from the heat of the sand.

They were made from papyrus fiber around 3000 BC. AD In Egypt, a true symbol of royal power, only the pharaohs and free men could be endowed with it. They were made from footprints made in wet sand in which braided papyrus was molded and rawhide straps added.

Symbol of freedom on the one hand, but also dedicated to protecting important beings from the dangers of the soil on the other, the wearing of the sandal was codified from Antiquity among the Greeks.

But sandals and sandals were considered until very late to be too undressed to be worn in the city.

It was in 1950 with Salvatore Ferragamo that the pretty Italian sandals came to complete the dresses.

The ancestral know-how of the Italians

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Sandals and their power

It is the summer shoe par excellence but not only.

The sandal has survived the centuries, in turn embodying religious, social, political or simply aesthetic positions.

The need to free your feet has taken over almost everywhere in the world and in France, Colette, Cocteau, Picasso or Bardot are adopting the famous Tropéziennes. K.Jacques and Rondini, become the biggest competitors in the South.

In Italy, in Capri, it is Amadeo Canfora who attracts all eyes by putting on Jackie Kennedy in 1962 .





Thin heels and thick heels for Jeanne Damas

Inspired by the most Parisian of fashion icons, Jeanne Damas, nicknamed Jane Birkin's 4th daughter, here are three casually crafted outfits.

Golden sandals are the essential piece of a summer wardrobe! Not only does the color sublimate your feet, but they also adapt to casual and very glamorous outfits for social evenings.

Choose a thin heel for social occasions and a thicker, stable heel for the day.

The charm of golden sandals


How do fashionistas wear leather sandals?

These fashion experts, journalists and stylists adopt the white minimalist sandals casually and class.

Minimalist sandals are those shoes that we usually wear in summer and that will bring that little glamorous touch to any outfit. These are sandals with a sober and refined line and lengthen the leg to infinity.

The minimalist seduces fashionistas





They wear the golden sandals in a Dolce Vita style.

Timeless and very easy to wear model is undoubtedly the one adopted by the most Parisian women:

small heel of 7 cm and in golden leather with a strap that maintains the foot.

They are worn in mid-season than in summer with well-fitted high-waisted jeans or a wrap dress.

Femininity assured Parisian style




The perfect heeled sandals for summer vacations

For the summer vacation, don't forget to leave space in your suitcase for a pair of heeled sandals.  

Those which will be perfect for going to dinner or for a cultural walk.




How to wear heeled sandals?

Whether it's spring or fall, sandals are the easiest shoes to put on to complete your look.

Invest in a model   in leather that you are sure to wear from season to season.

total denim + heeled sandals



sandales_talons .jpeg


Why should every cool girl have a pair of black sandals?

To display a chic and classy look you need the right pair of black sandals .

Timeless, they go perfectly with simple pieces such as a blouse and high-waisted jeans.

the most chic: black sandals




Wear sandals like the Parisians

Parisians have this facility to dress in an unexpected way , but always impeccable.

Like Sabina Socol, Marissa Cox or even this cool girl Eleonore Leo Jeanne who wear the sandals with a slit skirt that twists the outfit with its scalloped detail.

Espadrilles, mules or sandals with low heels conquer summer girls.

The perfect combo: slit skirt + sandals





How to choose your pair of sandals?


If you are comfortable with high heels and are looking for a timeless model

to wear in summer or mid-season, the Juliette in Italian leather will be perfect.

------ MID HEEL SANDALS ------

If you're looking for a timeless chic style to wear all day,

these three models go perfectly with all kinds of outfits for feminine looks.

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