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Beatrice Bodasca, the creator of Fiore de Luca reveals herself under her imperfections for an invitation to dare to be yourself.


Beatrice B. starring in Ode à la femme

Captured by Oleksandra Zheinova 

At Studio 7


Juliette heeled sandals, soft white leather

"Accept your imperfections and dare to put yourself under the lens. In the age of social networks where everyone puts themselves in their best light, it is time to be more authentic and show yourself from all angles.


While I often invite women, those who let themselves be seduced by my creations to be themselves and accept themselves as they are, I decide not to take a model and I dare to play the game of putting before the new edition. "


Juliette heeled sandals, black nappa

"If a woman accepts her body, she immediately becomes more resplendent. And by accepting her body I don't mean stop taking care of yourself and let go, quite the opposite. Learn to love your body and feel good about yourself."


SOFIA heeled sandals, gold leather

"The relationship I have with shoes is very intimate. Like an invisible force that I acquire every time I put on heels (never more than 8/9 cm.) It gives off more femininity and sensuality. In the end, I am a woman. "

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