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Girls who make fashion

--- They juggle with fashion codes, between streetwear and social occasions, until they turn their passion for fashion into a real profession. ---

Jeanne Damas - emblematic figure of fashion in France and internationally, founder of the Rouje brand and at the head of a restaurant, nicknamed the "fourth daughter of Jane Birkin" she stands out for her very French style.


Sabina Socol - fashion journalist, influencer, this Parisian by adoption has perfectly matched the pieces for an impeccable total French look.

A pout à la Bardot, always chic looks with a sexy air and an almost transparent authenticity, this is how Sabina Socol conquered all on the web.

Marissa Cox - Parisian by adoption since 2013, this charming British fashion journalist and photographer appropriates the famous je ne quoi à la française and teaches us how to master it with basics. For us, she's Jane Birkin these days.


Camille Charrière - ex-fashion journalist, influencer, podcaster and muse is the true profile of an uppé girl, a Parisian living in London who speaks otherwise of a more responsible fashion with the podcast NO FILTER.

Pernille Teisbaek -   A dazzling career, that of Pernille Teisbaek who in a few years went from being a model to an artistic director and an emblematic figure of fashion thanks to his keen sense of the art of dressing.
Its minimalist style best reflects Scandinavian fashion.


Matilda Djerf- Model, blogger and influencer on Instagram with 1.1 million subscribers, this Swedish blonde looking like Brigitte Bardot has also launched her minimalist style clothing brand: Djerf Avenue, an ethical brand made in Portugal.


Constance Arnoult - the Frenchie who promises - P arisian by adoption, she accumulates hats despite her young age and connects projects. she poses for big brands and inspires her community on Instagram through literature, but not only.


Lena Simonne - a committed muse -

From the Parisian style to the streewear and sexy lingerie look, she perfectly embodies the roles she is given and lends her pretty face to the most trendy brands of the moment. But what makes us love her so much is her militant side. She cares about disadvantaged people and lends her hand to associations.


Mara Lafontan -   A true cliché of the Parisian, model Mara Lafontan quickly stood out beyond her beauty and her British accent which made everyone fall in love. Her nonchalantly worked style, her natural allure give her that je ne sais quoi so appreciated in the four corners of the world.


Miroslava Duma - Digital entrepreneur and investor in international fashion, the so-called MIRA is not only a pretty face and a style icon but, the Russian it-girl is also a woman committed to several businesses.
Founder of the online magazine BURO 24/7, a concentrate of fashion, design and art but also of Future Tech Lab and the Peace Planet charity which promotes education and culture.

sabina socol
jeanne damas
miroslava duma
matilda djerf
Camille Charrière
Pernille Teisbaek
Constance Arnoult
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