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        Buy your oxfords online and try them at home. If they do not suit you, you can return them to our charge.

Women oxfords

Fiore de Luca

       Why our oxfords collection ?

The derbies are basically a masculine and flat accessory. But they fascinate us for their elegance and in recent years women have started to adopt them for their comfort.

Women's derbies are more fashionable than ever.

Yes, these men's shoes sneaked into the trends to become unavoidable.

So, the designer Fiore de Luca has adopted these shoes herself. To be feminine does not mean being only on heels of 10 centimeters.

Our women's derbies are never flat. The small heel of 3 to 4 centimeters helps the arch to respect the right hollowness it takes to the foot.

Their tip neither too round nor too sharp refines the silhouette and makes it more feminine than a brogue model made for men.

This is how it becomes the model par excellence to remain in discretion and elegance.

How to wear oxfords ?

Women oxfords are very easy to wear with a skirt or dress. It's the perfect combination that unveils the legs while remaining chic.

As for example a black dress at the waist marked in symbiosis with derbies in black varnish. A jacket on the shoulders and you have a great outfit.

For an office look, just put your oxfords with classic trousers or a monochrome tailor.

The casual minimalist is played with a pair of black patent derbies and slim or straight jeans. This is the look par excellence and it also goes for the aperitif.

The absolutely must-have model: women's patent leather oxfords that can be worn easily during the day and in the evening with a more classy outfit.

With a pair of oxfords, you will never be too much, or not enough, it's a guarantee.


Women oxfords, 


Women oxfords ,

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