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Shoe designer

Indispensable in your wardrobe, shoes are the item that above all demands quality . The fact of being in your heels all day long, you have to choose them well to avoid malformations and unexpected pain.
At a time when fashion is more responsible and committed to the planet,
designer shoes make it possible to reduce the offer but to offer better quality.
Sandals, pumps or even ankle boots with heels, they slightly enhance the silhouette and make you look more stylish.
Shoes with a minimalist style can easily adapt to a casual dressing room as well as to a more sophisticated and sought after one.


Shoe designer in Paris, square heel pumps

The square heel pump is a must have in every wardrobe for a woman who takes care of her image.
Pumps give us confidence and make us more feminine on condition that we are comfortable and we know how to walk on heels. No matter what model you wear, our designer pumps will carry you all day with comfort. A meticulous work done by our Italian craftsmen as well as exceptional leathers that will immediately adapt to your feet without hurting. Designer shoes that refine and lengthen your legs to give you that touch of allure. Contrary to popular belief, heels are not just for working girls or events. To learn how to appropriate them without problem, follow our advice on the page of our magazine.

Shoe designer in Paris, Italian heeled sandals

Our designer sandals are designed to accompany you every summer everywhere, in town and on vacation. Heeled sandals to beautifully shape your legs, make them infinite and give a feminine look to your figure. They are entirely in leather and on heel heights that allow you to be comfortable and wear them for a long time.

Their minimalist cuts highlight pretty feet and make you feel good in them. Neither too high nor too flat, but perfect heels for women who want to keep a certain comfort while being discreetly sensual. Equipped with charm, elegance and originality, our heeled sandals are the perfect shoes for those who like to play with styles. Combined with your summer, floral or monochrome dresses or skirts they will highlight you. As with denim jeans and a feminine crop top, it's easy to be charming.

Designer shoes for women, comfortable heeled ankle boots

Nothing better than comfortable and leather ankle boots for winter.

Designer ankle boots last through the seasons so you can look chic even when it's cold. When we are covered from head to toe, it is better to invest in quality boots and a coat that embellish our outfits. Luca's Fiore designer ankle boots are made entirely of leather and handmade in Italy. An exceptional leather that lets the skin breathe so they can be worn even without socks. Heels are designed to give you a slender figure, make pretty calves with jeans and give you charm. You can sneak them up with several flawless styles.

Through our selection of designer sandals, pumps and ankle boots you will undoubtedly be comfortable all year round.

Fiore de Luca highlights the know-how of Italian artisans who have inherited it for half a century. Associated with selected exceptional leathers, the result is a guarantee of quality and authenticity. Shoes made with passion for women to feel good in them and be able to enjoy them all day long. And when fashion turns to be more committed and responsible, our values ​​are very much in line with this new consumption. The reason why we manufacture in very small series and in limited edition in order to reduce our stock to zero. Our shoes are made in the heart of Italy in an artisanal, family and responsible way.

Between the designer and the suppliers there is a real exchange and mutual respect. The finished products arrive directly from the workshop to your home. This lack of intermediaries can invest on quality while offering more affordable prices.

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