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Italian shoes for women

When Italian craftsmanship comes straight to you.

All of our women's shoes are handmade with the finest quality leathers.

Fiore de Luca is a brand of shoes only online that was born in Paris. Behind there is Béatrice Bodasca who works directly with Italian artisans to create shoes with comfortable heels .

Our sandals , pumps and boots are in limited edition.

Heeled sandals

Our Italian sandals are made entirely of leather and their heel height is designed to support your arched arch without exposing your forefoots too much. All our shoes for women represent a guarantee of quality thanks to the ancestral know-how of the Italian craftsmen with whom we work.

Heeled pumps

Our comfortable small and medium heels are made for most operations by hand and are made entirely of quality leather. Our range consists of several heel heights, from 2 cm to 9 cm, with square or thin heels to give all women the choice to find their happiness.

Heeled ankle boots

Our Italian boots for women are made entirely of leather and designed for everyday use. Minimalist heeled ankle boots that go everywhere with you without hurting your feet. They are worn with or without socks because the leather lets the skin breathe and it adapts like a second skin.

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