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picasso portrait , marque Fiore de Luca.

Digital Picassolian discovery

With a
thirst for creativity,
to all
pictorial currents
of the twentieth century, to become one of the indisputable masters of modern art.

Pablo sees. He sees everything and records. And then he transcribes his vision of the world on his canvases. It is through his representations that we can decipher the artist's state of mind , from blue melancholy to pink joy, from portraits of lovers to the harsh reality of war. But when he is in love, his painting is harmonious , sensual, the work of a fulfilled man.

"Under the influence of the brush and the charm of his works, I also decided to reproduce those which intrigued me more." Beatrice B.

Art moderne pablo picasso.png

A deep look and a mouth that binds. Love doesn't need more. The two lovers let themselves go passionately.

Visage Original Art by Picasso Estate Collection __ PicassoMio.jpeg

What do collectors
looking in a Picasso?

The painting concentrates everything that collectors are looking for: a period of the most sought after, color, material, spontaneity in the treatment of the collar and the thickness of the cheeks.

Pablo Picasso, el gran depredador de mujeres.jpeg
PABLO PICASSO tableau art moderne.png

This young blonde and discreet woman,

Marie-Thérèse becomes the lover and her muse from the year 1932 "erotic year".

Picasso then represents her with soft and voluptuous features.


Always in search of a new style, attentive, curious, preoccupied by a demanding research, he absorbs, analyzes and gropes a lot of styles without knowing where he is going.

Above all, Pablo is convinced that he should not expect anything but himself and have to forge his path on his own, assert his vision and deepen his experience.

Art moderne pablo picasso.png

Le Baiser 1925 is a barbaric work, an orgasm of colors and undoubtedly one of the closest to surrealism, transforming an encounter into a violent explosion, surprisingly expressive. The figures of the two characters are gradually being reconstructed.

The nose of the man and the mouth of the woman can only evoke the sexes tending towards each other but it is by the density of the colors and by the bursting of the forms that one finds oneself transported.

art moderne pablo picasso.png

Demoiselles d'Avignon, the first cubist painting, is considered one of the most important paintings in the history of painting because of the stylistic and conceptual break it offers. It represents 5 women, partially naked, prostitutes from Barcelona who occupy the entire painting.

Pablo picasso art moderne.png

It is the anectode of Marie-Thérèse, a very pretty young woman who on January 8, 1927 leaves Galeries Lafayette. Pablo Picasso, at the same time, passes Boulevard Haussmann. The man is seduced, the painter is dazzled.

pablo picasso art moderne.jpeg

Picasso painted for himself before seducing an audience. Painting is his diary.

It reflects his moods, his impulses, his loves, his anxieties. It follows the thread of his life from day to day, which is why he always takes care to note precisely on each painting, each drawing, each engraving, the date of its creation.

pablo picasso art moderne.png

"The paint is stronger than me, it makes me do what it wants."
Pablo Picasso

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